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Nicole Drozd | M.A., BC-MT

Counseling, Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, LPC

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Rashida Bantu-Foster | LPC


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Ariel Tal | M.Ed


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Michele Haynam | LPC, CSAC, CSOTP

Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, CSAC, CSOTP

Counseling with Michele

Have you been feeling tired, angry, unheard or just dissatisfied with your life, your career or relationships?  Maybe you have been reflecting on life choices, family drama or parenting challenges and want to explore how you can make your life easier.  Are you or someone you know struggling with addictions? Or are you a teenager struggling with the unprecedented challenges of social media, bullying, sexual pressures, parental tensions or the absence of a support system?  If any of these ring true for you, I believe working together, you will discover the courage to create the life you desire!

I integrate a blend of Cognitive, Behavioral, Gestalt, and Solution Focused tools and techniques (and let’s not forget humor), to support individuals to make sense of who they are and their ideal path forward. You will be encouraged to explore and achieve more peace in your life.

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

-Maya Angelou-

Take the first step.  I recognize this is not easy, but we both know being “stuck” is no fun either.  I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in building your best life.  

Counseling Services Provided

Individual Counseling

Couples Counseling

Family Counseling 

Professional Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC)

Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider (CSOTP)


Masters Degree (M.Ed) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Old Dominion University 

Master Degree (MLIR) in Labor and Industrial Relations

Bachelors Degree (B.S.) from LeMoyne College in Industrial Labor Relations and Minor in Sociology/Criminology

Tierra Ruffin | LPC


Counseling Philosophy

It's  an honor to partner with teens & adults! I provide cognitive  behavioral therapy infused with person-centered & strength-based  approaches. I believe that we are born with a series of specific  purposes. Unfortunately, the grilling of life’s negativity occasionally  chars us by bringing us out of alignment with our true purposes.  Consider getting back into alignment with your original purposes by  linking arms with a supportive,  informed and honest professional! That's me of course (smiles). I was  created to counsel, and through the years I’ve gained skills, training  and insight from the best! I’ve provided therapy for those experiencing  grief & loss, depression, anxiety, trauma & substance use. I  link arms with clients within an individual or group setting by helping  them to identify goals and decrease negative thinking patterns. Let's  agree to work together at identifying negative patterns that you may  have inherited from your familial or environmental experiences. We will  shift the focus onto identifying & implementing your strengths. We  will also partner your strengths with a skill set that reinforces a  behavioral transformation.


Community Speaker

I'm  also over-the-top passionate about breaking generational relationship  patterns contact Artisan to find out about my next conference or group  regarding this topic!

Ben Newman | LPC, CSAC, CSOTP

Counseling Philosophy

Counseling is designed to be a unique setting where a person, family or couple is able to reflect on their experiences within a safe environment. When people are able to feel truly supported in therapy they work towards self-actualization and meaning. As a therapist, my goal is to provide everyone with a productive experience that includes significant support, intentional challenges and a place for reflection.

It has been a privilege working in the counseling field for over ten years with adults, adolescents and families. In that time, it has become clear that the match between client and counselor is extremely important.

It can be difficult to get an understanding of a therapist by seeing a picture and reading a short paragraph. If you think I maybe the right match for you and/or your family, please feel free to call anytime for more information.

Counseling, Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, LPC

Counseling Services Provided

Individual Counseling

Couples Counseling

Family Counseling

Counseling, Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, LPC

Professional Credentials & Education

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC)

Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider (CSOTP)

Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)

Master Addictions Counselor (MAC)

Approved Counseling Supervisor (ACS)

Masters Degree (M.Ed) in Community and Addictions Counseling from The College of William & Mary - 2009

Bachelors Degree (B.S.) in Sociology and Criminology from Longwood University - 2006

Nicole Drozd | M.S., MT-BC

Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, CSAC, CSOTP

About Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidenced-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.  Similar to occupational therapy and physical therapy, music therapy is an established health profession and consists of using music therapeutically to address physical, psychological, cognitive, social, spiritual, and musical functioning for patients of all ages.  Music Therapy works across the lifespan (i.e. infancy to end-of-life care) and can assist people in times of need.

Populations often served by music therapists include:

•   Hospitals

•   Substance Abuse Programs

•   Nursing Homes

•   Psychiatric Treatment Centers

•   Schools

•   Forensic Settings

•   Hospice and Palliative Care

•   Private Practice

Common Goals of Music Therapy


Music Therapists use music as an intervention, primarily live, to facilitate changes that are non-musical in nature. Music therapy programs are based on individual assessment, treatment planning, and ongoing treatment evaluation. Through the assessment process, goals and objectives are created (with the patient, family, or treatment team) to target the specific needs of the patient or group.  Goals created with the music therapist may include but are not limited to:

•   To Improve Communication

•   To Enhance Memory

•   To Alleviate and Manage Stress

•   To Express Feelings

•   To increase Social Skills

•   To Improve Healthy Coping Skills

•   To Increase Quality of Life

•   To Promote Physical Rehabilitation

Professional Credentialing

Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC)

President of the Virginia Music Therapy Association


Master Degree (M.S.) in Music Therapy from Radford University

Bachelors Degree (B.S.) in Music Therapy from Radford University

Heart Song Music Therapy

Rate for Services

Individual Music Therapy Session - 75$

Group Music Therapy Session - Call to find out more

Rashida Bantu-Foster, LPC


Counseling Philosophy

Life happens, and  at times, its challenges cause us to experience strong emotions or  feelings of defeat. Transition can create complications; especially a  traumatic transition. Whether that transition is in response to an  unexpected event like: the death of a loved one, sexual abuse, or a  recent incarceration; you should not have to respond to life’s  challenges alone. I’d like to partner with you through your challenges  and assist in developing strategies that will support in smoothing out  life's transition. I’m a passionate and encouraging therapist with a  strong belief that there’s HOPE through every one of life’s challenges.

I use  Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Therapy as the foundation of  my work. I also integrate Emotion-Focused Therapy to increase growth and  healing. I believe that there are no cookie cutter individuals, and it  is for that reason, I use an eclectic approach to support RESILIENCY.

The end goal  of therapy is to develop and enhance resiliency skills that will propel  each individual to the next level of their life. As mentioned earlier,  life happens. However, you don’t have to deal with life's struggles  alone. Let’s link and work towards creating your own road to resiliency.  


Counseling Services Provided

Individual Counseling
Family Counseling
Group Counseling

Client Focus:
•   Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13)
•   Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
•   Adults
•   Elders (65+)                                  


Counseling Approach

Types Of Therapy:
•   Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
•   Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
•   Person-Centered
•   Positive Psychology
•   Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)
•   Strength-Based
•   Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Ariel Tal, M.Ed (Resident in Counseling)


Counseling Philosophy


Life is full of all types of experiences, including unexpected obstacles, people who lose their way, relationships that break apart, struggles with anxiety, anger, communication and connection and families trying to overcome special challenges. Counseling can help and can be very effective in dealing with disappointments and difficulties. My goal is to help each individual, couple, or family find solutions, restore relationships, realize their potential, and live their best lives. We will work together and use techniques and methodologies rooted in person-centered therapy, positive psychology, existentialism, solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness. 

My passion is working with people who are at a crossroads in their lives or who need to manage and adjust to challenges, make choices about relationships, make life stage transitions, or who are burdened with finding an overall life purpose or direction. If you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety/depression, low self-esteem, family or romantic relationships, disappointments at school or at work, communicating, socializing and connecting, anger, grief, parenting a child with special needs, feeling powerless, or simply feeling overwhelmed, I would welcome the opportunity to assist you in healing and overcome these issues. We will work together to help you increase your self-knowledge, learn to incorporate healthy thinking, and identify techniques to support your path forward and achieve personal happiness.

I believe that successful therapy must include creating a connection between therapist and client. As a counselor, I will be fully engaged, my clients will know they are heard and understood and that I genuinely care and will do my best to help them succeed.

Life is about being and becoming.” (Carl Rogers) 


Counseling Services Provided

  • Individual Counseling 
  • Family Counseling 
  • Group Counseling


Focus and Specialties

  • Families and children, family bonds and communication
  • Couples and marriages 
  • Creating and maintaining relationships and connections 
  • Teenagers struggling with school, friends, meaning 
  • Adults who feel they cannot connect
  • Those who have lost or don’t understand a purpose in life
  • Families with children with autism 
  • Older adults 
  • Philosophy and positive psychology 
  • Mindfulness and Meditation